ABJ Chop Shop guarantees that Land Management meets the health and safety standards of all standards applicable to State-wide Building and district ordinances. We value our collaboration with the public and the construction industry.

As custodians of the county’s land management and construction policies and regulations, ABJ Chop Shop facilitates societies’ secure and viable land. We provide excellence in our services by developing alliances with stakeholders to establish a flourishing community. We implement the guidelines outlined in mandatory standards of the State.

We maintain the health, welfare, security, and environmental factors as much as possible.


Facilitate customers with sustainable Land Management services.


To be the most reliable services provider in creating thriving land management and preparation business


  • Responsibility: Fulfill obligations promised to the client.
  • Collaboration: Work towards a shared goal and encourage innovations.
  • Liberation: Be confident and encourage individuals to lead and make decisions aligning with the mission.
  • Reliability: Constantly demonstrate integrity, authenticity, honesty, and moral decency in our work.
  • Respect: Value all by displaying equality, recognition, and understanding.
  • Security: Adhere to secure working methods on and off the job.
  • Environmental Protection: Encourage environmentally accountable land development and preparation’s methods.