The process includes surveying the land w.r.t the construction’s map to determine measures that must be taken. After the process, the land will get to where it’s prepared to be built upon. We offer comprehensive land clearing services ensuring clean and consistent services.


It’s an effective land maintenance strategy that helps retain soil’s essence and nutrients while ensuring an optimal temperature for green growth. ABJ Chop Shop’s specialized mulching service offers full end-to-end assistance.

SITE Development

The process ensures SITE development meets applicable district, state, and federal land regulations. We seek excellence by providing a balanced service consisting of eco-friendly rules and construction guidelines to guarantee approved sites plan development.


We maintain the high level of service you expect. Our GRAVESITE Preparation has three stages- feasibility, design, and planning. Experts handle the development of the site and ensure risk evaluation, underground work, etc., is done according to the rules and regulations of land management.